The Legal Scoop

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re searching the Internet for specific news or information, but you can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Niche and independent news sites help, but there are still not enough of them out there.

That’s why the Legal Scoop was created, a legal focused media site dedicated to bringing you the latest in changes to legislation, breakdowns of current legislation in various states in a way that you can actually understand, and other legal information and news that can help you navigate the legal world we live in.

What Types of News, Topics, and Information Do We Cover?

The Legal Scoop covers a variety of legal topics and issues in all areas of law including criminal, civil, tax, family, bankruptcy, workers compensation, and employment law. Our focus is new and changing legislation, but we also cover legal topics that we believe the general public doesn’t understand or simply needs more information about.

Many statutes are confusing for the average person to grasp, so we can help put the information into easy-to-understand language. The public has a right to legal news and information.

Here are a few examples of topics we cover:

  • How will the new tax laws affect your alimony payments?
  • Will new immigration policy changes affect your taxes?
  • When will marijuana use be legal in these states?
  • Updates to California’s drunk driving penalties
  • Why do some states stick with their no-fault auto wreck laws?
  • Understanding Virginia’s strict contributory fault law.
  • Is Detroit, Michigan strict on gun violence?
  • What are victims’ rights in New York?
  • How the Department of Motor Vehicles can penalize you for reckless driving
  • What are the assault laws in Texas?

The Information You Need, When You Need It

Our mission is to provide legal news and information that is so accurate and useful, the average person will never need to search the web for statutes or legal news again. You deserve to have one place where your questions can be answered in language you can actually understand.

Sometimes, even government sites don’t display accurate information, which can lead people to make uninformed decisions. That’s not right. If you are expected to know the laws of this country, and you can be punished when you don’t know these laws, then you should have access to the legal information you need, whenever you need it.

Here at the Legal Scoop, we will continue to provide you with legal news, topics, and other legal information intended to help you traverse America’s complex legal system.