Can You Sue for a Dockless Scooter Accident in Nashville?

Nashville is the home of country music legends. It has also become the home of a vast number of dockless scooters. What are dockless scooters? Are they useful or just a nuisance? Legal Scoop is here with the latest, so you feel confident when deciding whether you should jump on the new trend of riding dockless scooters around town.

Legal Scoop spoke with a Chicago personal injury lawyer who recognized that there are some drawbacks to riding dockless scooters. 

They can be dangerous, simply because riders must share the road with vehicles. This is similar to riding a bike, and you could be seriously injured in a collision. This attorney recommends following safety advice and wearing a helmet. They also said that you can sue if you’re involved in a collision with a vehicle.

Who Could Be Liable for Your Dockless Scooter Accident?

If you are involved in a collision, how do you figure out who is liable for your accident? You would need to look into what caused the crash. Did the crash occur because a drunk driver ran off the road and smashed into you? Then, the drunk driver is likely liable for your accident and damages.

Did your accident occur because of faulty intersection lights? Maybe the city of Nashville designed a road poorly, and the poor sight lines or lack of bike lanes led to the accident. In these examples, the city of Nashville may be liable for your damages.

Once you know what caused your accident, you will have a better understanding of who is liable for your losses.

Financial Compensation for a Scooter Accident in Nashville

Your scooter accident has probably caused you to suffer losses. Your losses could be causing tremendous hardship in your life. 

For instance, you may be unable to pay your medical bills after your accident, because you don’t have the money to pay them. Your injuries could be preventing you from returning to work after your accident. This means a lack of income to provide for yourself and your family. 

You could consider talking to an attorney about whether you can file an injury claim for your dockless scooter accident.

Your Legal News Is Brought to You by Legal Scoop 

Dockless scooters are a nice invention, and they could be a great addition to Nashville and other cities. It’s important to understand that most innovations come with positives and negatives. If you use common sense and follow safety laws, you should be okay.  

Legal Scoop will be back with more legal news topics to ensure you always have the latest legal information when you need it.