Boston Pedestrian Safety Tips

The streets of Boston are no joke. Not only are there tens of thousands of drivers on the roads, but there aren’t always clear crosswalks and those that do have crosswalks aren’t always free to cross despite having signs that indicate that pedestrians have the right of way.

As a walker in Boston, you need to make sure you are paying attention to your surroundings at all times. Continue reading to learn more about why you need to be cautious of motor vehicles and what you should do if you’ve suffered an injury after being struck by one.

Be Careful of Reckless Drivers

More often than not, the biggest threat to pedestrians is irresponsible choices by reckless drivers. Unfortunately, the best safety tip we have is to keep your eyes out for vehicles that appear to be driving erratically, if possible, and avoid them at all costs.

Drivers will make the mistake of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or when they’re too tired to be behind the wheel. But the most common way that drivers harm pedestrians is through aggressive and distracted driving.

Aggressive driving occurs when the driver is angry at another driver or pedestrian. Examples of aggressive driving include following too closely, switching lanes without using your turn signal, running stop signs and red lights, exhibiting signs of road rage, and speeding, to name a few.

This is different from distracted driving in that the distraction is seemingly innocent enough, perhaps the driver glanced down at their phone to reply to a text message, or reached down to take a sip of their morning coffee.

In any case, these actions prevent the driver from operating their vehicle responsibly and with the safety of others in mind. For this reason, your best bet for remaining safe as a pedestrian in Boston is to stay alert when other drivers may not be.

If You’re Injured in an Accident, Pursue Your Claim

Despite the fact that there isn’t much you can do to protect yourself other than staying alert, there are other ways you can help prevent future pedestrians from being injured, and that’s by bringing a claim against the person or persons who are responsible for causing your injuries.

Here, you’ll be able to recover compensation for your lost wages, your medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damages, the loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress and a variety of other damages so that you can work on moving forward after your injuries. When you hire an attorney to represent your case, you’ll have a better idea of just how much your case is worth.

Get Help from a Boston Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians often wind up with catastrophic, life-threatening injuries after being struck by vehicles. The best way to ensure your safety and that of other pedestrians is by being careful of irresponsible drivers and being prepared to sue after a driver hits you.

By bringing a claim against whomever is liable for your injuries, you can punish them for their actions and deter other reckless drivers from harming other pedestrians in the future. Reach out to a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer in Boston today to begin fighting for the compensation to which you’re entitled.

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