Important Utah Injury Laws

When you’re involved in an accident, you need time and compensation to deal with your injuries. However, you must have more than the fact of your injury to get that compensation you need.

A personal injury claim may be the best way to get the compensation you need for your injuries, but you’ll also need to consider the laws that will affect your claim and how much you could receive. Without the right guidance, you could have your claim devalued or dismissed.

When you’re preparing for an injury suit, keep these following laws in mind, so you’re prepared before you begin.

Time Limits on Your Claim

First, keep in mind that youhave a limited time to file a claim for your injuries. This varies from state to state, so remember that, for Utah accidents, you’ll have four years to file a claim for most injury claims.

Four years might seem like plenty of time, but that’s not always the case. When dealing with a severe injury, it can take time to recover, and even after your recovery, you might now experience  impairments that make it more difficult to handle your case.

While you might have four years to prepare your claim, don’t wait too long to begin. You’ll want as much time as possible to work on your claim, so act now.  

Fault in Utah

Once you’ve filed your claim, you must prepare to do more than prove your injury and your need for compensation. You must also show that the other person was at fault, and you weren’t to blame for the accident.

Utah recognizes “comparative fault,” which accounts for the fact that most accidents aren’t the fault of just one person. Often, the other person proves negligent to a degree, and unable to avoid the accident. For example, if you adjusted your radio and another person hit you, the court may find you somewhat at fault because your attention left the road.

While it’s common for accidents to have happened because of multiple reasons, you must avoid taking the blame for your injury. If you don’t, that percentage reduces your compensation. So, if you’re slip-and-fall injuries cost $5,000, but you were 20 percent at fault for the accident, you receive just 80 percent of your compensation, or $4,000.

Suing the Government

If you’re considering filing a lawsuit against a government entity, you’ll need help getting the full compensation you deserve. These cases often prove difficult, so consider getting help for these cases.

For example, you have a limited time to file. While you must file most Utah injury claims within four years, you must file a claim against the government within a year of the accident. So, if your injury occured on government-owned property, if a government vehicle hit you, or ill-repaired road hazards caused your injury, reach out for help soon.  

A Lawyer Can Fight Back

It’s unfortunate, but when you’re seeking a claim for your injuries, there’s a chance that you’ll run into plenty of laws could hurt your claim. This makes getting the full compensation you deserve difficult. But, you don’t have to fight alone. Speaking to one of the many personal injury lawyers in Utah could help you get the compensation you need for your recovery.

If you’re struggling to remember these laws or fight back for your claim, reach out for the help you need. An injury can haunt you for some time, but by remembering these laws, you’ll have a chance to recover from your losses.

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