Is a Private Criminal Defense Lawyer Worth the Money?

When you’re accused of a crime, you don’t want to risk your case. If you don’t fight back, chances are good that you could end up with a criminal conviction. That means hefty fines, long prison sentences, and fewer chances for a better future.

So, you’ll need to fight back, but is a private criminal defense attorney really worth it? They have a reputation for being expensive, which dissuades plenty of people. However, they can make a difference in your claim.

If you’re concerned about succeeding with your case, it may be best to seek out a private defense attorney. You want to ensure that you’re going home free, so reach out for help before you begin.

Defending Yourself Can Hurt Your Case

If you believe that there’s no chance of winning, or if you believe the other side doesn’t have the evidence necessary to convict you, it may be tempting to defend yourself. Why spend money on legal counsel you don’t need? Unfortunately, you may need it more than you realized.

It’s unfortunate, but as the defense, your word might not be as respected as a police officer’s. That means you’ll need someone on your side with authority, who can address your evidence and fight back.

You’ll also need someone with the knowledge to defend you. Even if you believe there’s no chance to recover and avoid a conviction, a criminal defense attorney in Tarrant County will know what evidence to provide to support your claim. In many cases, they’ll be able to at least reduce your sentence.

What About Public Defenders?

Even so, you might still be concerned about the costs of a private defense attorney. You know that there are also public defenders, however, which could save you money. If you’re certain that your case will be easy, this might be the right option for you.

However, cost-cutting measures might leave you with less-useful options. While public defenders can help you for less, you’re not their only client. They may be in the courtroom multiple times on the day of you trial alone.

That means that you’re not getting the time and personal attention you deserve. They’re not focused on your case alone, which means that mistakes can happen. If you’re at risk of felony charges, you might simply not be given the time or evidence to succeed.

Don’t Risk Your Claim

There are other options out there for those seeking a private criminal defense attorney. You can find cheaper options, or you can defend yourself for free. In some cases, these methods even work. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s a great chance that they will work.

So, why risk your future? You have a chance to get the full compensation you deserve, so reach out today and get a private lawyer on your side. While it might be more expensive, dealing with a felony conviction will be far more expensive in the long run. So, reach out today for the help you need.

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