Louisiana Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Every person who wants to operate a vehicle must present proof of financial responsibility before getting a license and registration. This is true for both cars and motorcycles. Drivers have to convince authorities that they are ready to cover the cost of any damage that they might cause in the event of an accident. According to the law, they must purchase insurance coverage from a service provider that does business in the state. The coverage must pass the Louisiana motorcycle insurance requirements. It cannot be lower than the minimum amounts specified in the legislation.  

Minimum Insurance Requirements

Motorcycle owners must get a policy that provides enough monetary coverage for personal injuries and property damage they might cause. The minimums set by the state are $15,000 for a single injury and $30,000 for multiple injuries. As for property damage, the insurance should cover at least $25,000 worth of repairs or replacements. Most collisions result in minor injuries and damage so these should be adequate in the majority of cases. Of course, people can always raise these limits if they can to for greater protection against financial shocks. If the maximum coverage is not enough to cover the bills, then one will have to reach into his own pocket for the balance.

Effect on Helmet Requirements

It does not matter if you are getting the minimum coverage or raising the limits when it comes to helmets requirements. You must always wear protective gear for your head when operating a motorcycle or a moped. The same is true for passengers of these vehicles. Time and time again, studies have shown that helmets are able to dramatically reduce fatalities. Invest in high quality gear with thick cushions and a seal of approval. It would be prudent for riders to have a spare helmet on standby if they expect to have a passenger.  

Proof of Insurance

The state’s Office of Motor Vehicles will have a record of all drivers including their documents on liability coverage. However, drivers must still carry proof of insurance with them at all times. They will have to present this to law enforcement officers upon request. Failure to do so can result in penalties. Among the possible proofs are an insurance ID card, a copy of the actual policy, an insurance binder, and a written statement by the insurance company that includes all pertinent details.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Consequences for having no coverage or proof of coverage include the confiscation of license plates, issuance of a violation, and the impounding of the motorcycle. Within 3 days, the owner must bring proof of insurance to the OMV office to redeem the confiscated items. After the deadline, owners will need to get new license plates and registration papers all over again. If you want to cancel your motorcycle insurance for any reason, then bring the license plate to the OMV office ten days prior the cancellation to avoid penalties. Learn more from a Baton Rouge motorcycle crash lawyer.




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