Questions to Ask Your Prospective Lawyer

Before hiring legal representation, you’d do well to make a list of questions to ask your prospective lawyer to make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job. Hiring an attorney can be a challenge for the average layman, especially if you’ve never worked with an attorney before. By asking questions, you learn more about an attorney’s background, experience and level of expertise to narrow your choices to those who are best qualified for the job. The best lawyers are those that welcome questions and are willing to establish an open line of communications with their clients from the start.

Here’s a list of some of the most pertinent questions to ask your prospective lawyer before signing him or her on.

  • What is your background and overall experience in this field? Have you handled similar cases to mine in the last few years?

Your attorney should have ample experience with cases like yours and be able to provide you with references of similar cases he’s handled in the past. Like doctors, attorneys specialize in different areas. Depending on the seriousness of your case, you want someone who’s an expert in his or her field.

  • What results can I realistically expect from this case and how long might it last?

The best attorneys will be up front with their clients in explaining the legalities of their situation, what to expect from their case and how long it may last. This helps you prepare for the long haul. Be leery of lawyers who boast of victory before even starting. Your attorney should have confidence of success without guaranteeing what he may not be able to deliver.

  • Are there other alternatives to resolving this situation?

As a client, you should be fully aware of all your options. If your attorney doesn’t volunteer alternative ways of resolving your situation, be sure to ask him. Good lawyers will have their client’s best interests at heart which may involve recommending ways to settle your affairs out of court.

  • How will you inform me of developments?

Good attorneys often have several cases going at the same time, keeping them busy from morning to night. At the same time, they should respect their client’s need to be kept informed concerning their situation. You and your attorney should establish a system for keeping you in the loop so you are updated on problems or progress concerning your case.

Important Utah Injury Laws

When you’re involved in an accident, you need time and compensation to deal with your injuries. However, you must have more than the fact of your injury to get that compensation you need.

A personal injury claim may be the best way to get the compensation you need for your injuries, but you’ll also need to consider the laws that will affect your claim and how much you could receive. Without the right guidance, you could have your claim devalued or dismissed.

When you’re preparing for an injury suit, keep these following laws in mind, so you’re prepared before you begin.

Time Limits on Your Claim

First, keep in mind that youhave a limited time to file a claim for your injuries. This varies from state to state, so remember that, for Utah accidents, you’ll have four years to file a claim for most injury claims.

Four years might seem like plenty of time, but that’s not always the case. When dealing with a severe injury, it can take time to recover, and even after your recovery, you might now experience  impairments that make it more difficult to handle your case.

While you might have four years to prepare your claim, don’t wait too long to begin. You’ll want as much time as possible to work on your claim, so act now.  

Fault in Utah

Once you’ve filed your claim, you must prepare to do more than prove your injury and your need for compensation. You must also show that the other person was at fault, and you weren’t to blame for the accident.

Utah recognizes “comparative fault,” which accounts for the fact that most accidents aren’t the fault of just one person. Often, the other person proves negligent to a degree, and unable to avoid the accident. For example, if you adjusted your radio and another person hit you, the court may find you somewhat at fault because your attention left the road.

While it’s common for accidents to have happened because of multiple reasons, you must avoid taking the blame for your injury. If you don’t, that percentage reduces your compensation. So, if you’re slip-and-fall injuries cost $5,000, but you were 20 percent at fault for the accident, you receive just 80 percent of your compensation, or $4,000.

Suing the Government

If you’re considering filing a lawsuit against a government entity, you’ll need help getting the full compensation

Legal Network Staffing Services

What are legal network staff services? These services can help to ensure a lawyer is linked up with law firms when there is a need for additional help. Today, there are thousands of great legal network staffing agencies and services that can help link up law firms with additional law staff. These services are valuable for the simple fact that law firms around the world need extra help when they have a lot of cases on their shoulders. However, why are legal network staffing services so highly sought after and is there a real need for them?

Getting Representation for Clients

Staffing services are not just for law firms who need a little extra help when the time calls for but to also help recruit lawyers too. That can prove vital for those who are new to the field but don’t have a law firm in which they work with full-time. However, having a good network available can actually ensure all clients get fair representation. Far too many people don’t get that but having a good network of support can prove useful. More law firms need help and with the use of legal staffing networks, they can ensure the right lawyers can placed with the right law firms.

Problems Staffing Agencies Run Into

One of the major issues staffing agencies have to be concerned with has to be getting the right professionals to the right law firm. There can be at times a shortage of either paralegals or lawyers depending on the region and how much these services are in demand. Poor management can also become a major problem for staffing services to deal with too. However, while there are a few issues to deal with, most networks have very few problems to deal with and that’s fantastic! More and more staffing agencies are able to provide the necessary services and help with linking up legal professionals to the right law firms.

Why Legal Staffing Services Are Needed?

Law firms can need additional help with a case from paralegal to additional lawyers to work on certain cases. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t sure if these services are suitable for their needs or even necessary but they can be. Using the legal network staffing services can enable all law firms to get the help they need and to ensure the right services are matched with their firm. There are thousands …

Legal Issues for Medical Law Staffing Agencies

Millions are using medical law staffing agencies to help provide the necessary professionals with hospitals and other medical centres. However, while it might seem like a very simple process, it’s not. Medical law staffing agencies have a heap of trouble on their hands because if they don’t provide the right professions with the right hospitals, they may end up with a lot of legal issues on their hands. The following are just a few of the potential legal issues many staffing agencies have to contend with in modern times.

Failing to Be Non-Discriminate

While some medical law staffing agencies might not think about who they hire, they can inadvertently discriminate with who they hire. For instance, a staffing agency might say someone with a disability is put aside while someone who has the same qualifications is put ahead of them. Sometimes it happens and it’s something which can come back to bite the staffing agency today. It is wrong to discriminate between employees because of their age, gender or disability. This can become an issue for many staffing agencies to contend with and it is in fact a very common issue today too.

Failing to Follow the Employment Laws

Staffing agencies believe they are doing the right thing but in reality are not. Not all staffing agencies follow the latest employment laws and that is causing a host of trouble. Some agencies are following the law to the letter but many others are not. That can, in some cases, leave agencies being sued and they can get into a lot of trouble with the government. You might think employment laws are easy enough to abide by but they do change and far too many don’t keep up with these laws. A lot of people aren’t aware of the latest employment laws and end up breaking them. When that happens, most agencies have problems with funding and even recruiting others later.

Failing to Classify Employees

Every region has their own way to classify employees working with staffing agencies but that can cause a real issue for most agencies and employees. In most cases, agencies list employees as contractors (independent) but that is not always true or correct. If the employees are not classified right it could result in someone getting into a lot of trouble. That is why more staffing agencies are running into difficulties and it’s not getting any easier …

An Important Factor in Choosing a Law Staffing Partner

Employment law is a vital part of partnering with any law staffing service and yet, thousands don’t realize how important this can be. It’s easy enough to hire or partner with a staffing company as you only need to make a call and tell them what you require; however, it’s not always that simple. If the company you choose to work with doesn’t have a clue over the latest employment law you could suffer because of that. Employment laws remains a crucial part of any business today and if staffing services aren’t up to date with such things, there will be a lot of trouble that comes after. However, it’s not the only factor you have to consider when choosing a law staffing partner. Read on to find out more.

Times Have Changed

In truth, employment law has gotten very complex over the last few years with discrimination being a major factor. However, getting new employment laws can also help to make employment fairer and easier for those who are interested in working. A few years ago, it used to be that someone called up a staffing agency and got someone out to their business but as said, times have changed. There are more laws to follow and if they aren’t followed to the letter, it could result in a business getting hit with a hefty fine.

It’s About Getting Certified People in the Job

Would you be happy with a paralegal that wasn’t certified or qualified to do the job? A partner of the Kindley Firm in San Diego put it this way, “A great paralegal can make an attorney’s life so much easier. While a sub-par paralegal can make an attorney’s life miserable. It’s critical to find the best paralegal available at the salary you’re willing to pay.”

To be honest, that can become a real issue for many law firms around the world. It’s different if a law firm wants to train someone up to the position of paralegal but when they expect a certified paralegal, they should get that. When someone uses a law staffing agency, you can in fact find they should be supplying law firms with certified people. That will prove very important and certainly something more and more will require each and every day. Getting a qualified and certified professional will prove very useful in the long-term.

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