Speed Traps in New York City

Whether you’re just passing through the state, or if you’re a resident, you might have found yourself driving just a little over the speed limit. Unfortunately, that means you didn’t notice that the speed limit changed until those blue lights lit up your rearview mirror.

Speed traps are an unfortunate reality for many New Yorkers, and they can leave you holding a hefty speeding ticket that you shouldn’t have to pay. When this happens, you’ll need to fight back and get your ticket dismissed when you’re caught in a speed trap.

What Is a Speed Trap?

First, speed traps may be legal, but they’re frustrating for many residents. A speed trap occurs any time an officer is parked mostly or completely out of sight, waiting for a driver to speed by. They may hide in residential areas, or you may come over a hill to spot one waiting in the median. You didn’t see them until it was too late.

They may also linger in areas where the speed limit changes suddenly. You might have thought you were in the clear, but you missed the sign or were slowing down when the officer spotted you. Now, you’re facing a speeding ticket you don’t need.

Defenses Against Speed Traps

When you’ve been pulled over for a speeding violation, what can you do? Unfortunately, it can be tough to get out of a speeding ticket, so you’ll need help finding the right defense for you. Your best option will depend on the situation, but a speeding ticket lawyer in NYC can help you decide.

For example, missing or obscured signs can lead to unintentional speeding. You might have passed from a 40 MPH zone to a 30 MPH zone, but if a large tree branch hid the speed limit sign, you couldn’t have known that you missed it.

Other lawyers might choose to attack the use of the radar device. A device that hasn’t been properly calibrated can leave you with an incorrect reading, but you’ll need evidence to support this claim. So, speak to your lawyer about the best approach for fighting your speeding ticket.

Getting Your Ticket Dismissed

When you receive a speeding ticket, it can be frustrating. Speed traps are unfair, and while they’re legal, they can seem underhanded. So, more than ever, you’ll need to fight back when you’re left with an expensive ticket.

So, reach out for help with your speeding ticket. You shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of a speed trap, and an attorney can make the difference. So, seek out the help you need before you defend yourself. You’ll need the best defense possible against your speeding ticket, and the right lawyer can help you choose the best approach for you.

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